Structure of Competition

NABBA And WFF Are independant Bodybuilding organisations with different categories for competitors.

The two organisations are both different and complementary. Contestants can compete in two seasons each year, Season A (mid-year) and Season B (end-year).

NABBA/WFF Australia is the competition organiser for the Australian qualifying events for both the NABBA bodybuilding competitions and the WFF competitions. As the same organiser is promoting both competitions the actual events are held concurrently at a single venue, joining them into a single event while maintaining independence in judging and awards.

NABBA/WFF Australia combines the Australian qualifying events for NABBA World Championships & WFF Universe (season A) & NABBA Universe and WFF World championships (season B). Qualification for the seasons international majors are through the respective state based events, whereas season B qualification is through the "National Championships".​

At the international level, the NABBA Bodybuilding competitions and WFF competitions are completely separate events usually in different countries.

​ WFF Divisions are based on both contestants' height and weight. This leads to a different build of contestant and the focus is more on athletic physiques rather than the large bulk of traditional body building competitors. WFF has also introduced new categories for fitness, aerobic and swimsuit competitors, encouraging different looks while promoting good health and fitness. It is often referred to as "Natural".

NABBA Divisions Are based on contestants' heights, and allows contestants to determine a suitable balance between their bulk and their toning. It is often referred to as "hardcore".

For NABBA,The competitions are nabba world championships (mid-year) and nabba universe championships (end-year). Not sure which category or division you should be in? Check it out here NABBA Divisions/Categories. If you are still unsure, just drop us a line