Competition Guidelines

To assist competitors in preparing for events, nabba/wff australia have published the details of the judging criteria which covers all of the categories for both nabba and wff competitions. An on-line version of this document is accessible from the following summaries. Please follow the links to familiarise yourself with the different requirements. 

Terminology - competitors need to become familiar with the terminology for body building as viewed by the judges.

Mr Physique/Athletic rounds - Mr Physique/Athletic competitors present to the judges in four rounds. The specific details of these rounds can be read here.

Ms Physique rounds - Ms physique competitors present to the judges in four rounds. This class should be conducted using the same principles as the Mr Physique/Athletic rounds, excluding the most muscular pose, ensure that competitors retain the sleek feminine lines expected of a female athlete.

Ms Figure/Athletic rounds - Ms Figure/Athletic competitors present to the judges in three rounds. The specific details can be read here.

Bikini/Beach/Sportsmodel/Aerobics rounds - Ms Bikini/Mr Beach & Ms-Mr Sportsmodel/Aerobics competitors present to judges in either one or two rounds. The specifics of the rounds can be read here.


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