NABBA/WFF League Table: Referrals

Personal Trainers & Competitors
  • Get as many of your friends/clients to enter one of our NSW&ACT based shows for a chance to win a return airfare to one of the NABBA/WFF international majors as either a competitor or spectator.

  • Points are accumulated over the calendar year for the NSW&ACT based competitions listed below.

  • Wff Ms Galaxy PRO/AM, NABBA/WFF Newcastle Night Of Champions, NABBA/WFF Sydney Grand Classic, NABBA/WFF Canberra classic, NABBA/WFF NSW Titles.

  • The winner will be announced the week after the NSW Titles, which is the final NSW&ACT based show for the calendar year.

  • Point allocation is detailed below:

Steve Baudo, bodybuilder, bodybuilding competition prep coach
Team Baudo Winner of Leauge bodybuilding Comp


Con Mobile - 0420 947 346 or

email - for any further information.


Paul 0418 410 005 or

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